Silhouette people

Famous people from Suffolk

I can’t promise anything, but you just might bump into some famous people from Suffolk. Here are a few names that were either born or have homes in Suffolk.

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Southwold fisherman

The Fisherman and the Yachtsman

After a hard day’s work fishing, a Southwold fisherman went into his local for a well earned pint of Adnam’s Brown Ale (or a couple, or three, or more like).

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Train journey

The Train Journey

The Story of an old farmer in his late eighties/early nineties, he wasn’t quite sure which, who took a train journey. He said that he had lived in his village since the day he was born, never been anywhere else.

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Local pub

The Furrener and the Budget

One autumn evening in a Suffolk pub, five locals – Darkie Deakons, Charlie Whymonger, Doody Parkes, and Tubal and Tinny Alecock were in a pub.

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Teddy bears

Hev yew gotta book on bear maykin?

A good friend of mine worked in a large book store for many years. One day a lady came into the store and asked her “Hev yew got any books on bear maykin?”.

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